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The modern world is an endless ocean of information—accessible but often overwhelming. While we all have the world at our fingertips, sifting through the deluge to find information that is reliable and directly applicable to you can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is why I created Casa Insider; I want my friends, neighbors, and clients to have a reliable place to come for the information they need. I hope you find it useful, as I take enormous pride in curating and creating trustworthy content for you.

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Seasoned Home Maintenance Tips

Gain insights on caring for an older home & preserving its character.

Savvy Selling Strategies

If you’re thinking about downsizing or moving, we’ll guide you through preparing your home for a profitable sale.

Renovations Corner

Learn how to tackle age-related wear and tear efficiently and cost-effectively, and maximize renovations.

Local Market Snapshots

Stay well informed of local real estate values. It pays off to track the value of one of your largest assets.

Community Features

Explore local resources and businesses that cater to our community.

Retiree Real Estate Roundup

Updates focusing on retirement related topics.

Legacy Matters

Videos about preserving your legacy and about estate planning.

Development Updates

Learn more about upcoming local projects.

Hiring Contractors

Find helpful information with details to help you hire and manage contractors better.

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